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Mobile Internet and the Importance of Youneeq

Look around the tech blogs lately and you will take note. The way we predominantly consume media is changing, and mobile is quickly becoming the top utensil for the feast. This shouldn’t be a surprise though. People are busy and mobile is transportable almost everywhere. Mobile devices/tablets now account for close to 50 percent of Internet usage for consumers!

But there’s a problem. Not only are smaller screens more difficult for publishers and advertisers to deal with when competing for consumer attention with mobile internet, the cookie has been falling out of favour over the last few years as the primary method for targeting content and advertisements. Cookies also have a high block rate among mobile users, and some mobile companies even implement cookie blocking into their products.

This means advertisers and content providers must resolve delivery issues on these smaller devices, aiming their wares effectively and efficiently to this force of consumers on the go. On the plus side, the door is open to a gold mine of opportunity for tech companies seeking different ways of obtaining consumer information for targeting, alongside the 3rd party cookie.

This is why Predictive Analytics is so important. Youneeq uses highly robust, complex organic algorithms to analyze and predict visitor (consumer) behaviour. Youneeq delivers results that become more and more accurate with every visit, changing and evolving with the consumer. And it works fast, across sites and networks, in REAL TIME! Youneeq delivers what the consumer wants, providing pinpoint recommendations to the smaller screen effectively, and efficiently. A perfect solution for online publishers and advertisers targeting the mobile consumer.

Mobile Internet and the Importance of Youneeq - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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