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Youneeq: A Perfect Mix Of Brain And Brawn

I’m very excited right now. Youneeq is up and running on one of our larger beta sites. Up until now we’ve been testing on smaller traffic sites like The beta site gets approximately 10,000,000 page views a month and our engine is performing extremely well under this load. We will be adding more betas shortly and stress testing under various conditions.

Youneeq is being designed for high volume, high traffic websites. Sites with monthly page views that range anywhere from 50 million page views a month to 1 billion page views a month or more.

Load testing and recommendations are our main focus during this phase. Think of this as the brawn and brains testing phase. Youneeq’s been working out in the gym so the brawn side is performing well and our version of Sheldon Cooper is performing well. Think of Youneeq as a cross between Sheldon Cooper and The Hulk.

At its core Youneeq is designed to dynamically changed content in real time. Using such things as a user’s previous selections, what’s trending on the site, what’s trending among users who selected the same content, what’s trending with users who exhibit similar behaviors and other factors.

Many recommendation engines (CMS plug in modules) are typically static filters of content within a sub category and cannot recommend content based on trends, behaviors, or user preferences. They are unable to adapt results to what’s likely to generate more hits at the moment.

Youneeq: A Perfect Mix Of Brain And Brawn - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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