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ISV’s who rely on 3rd party cookies have two choices if they want to survive the 3rd party cookieless revolution..

Build Internally

Building internally – Takes time (12 months?), money, focus, lost opportunity cost and you must hope you get it right.

Partner – Integrate YouneeqAI and you are up and running in weeks and not losing market share to your competitors

YouneeqAI is not designed to replace but enhance the current system. YouneeqAI is simple to integrate and is highly scalable.

YouneeqAI Value

For ISV customers, a big proprietary dataset, and future competitive advantage, could be a detailed behavioral database of anonymous visitors that can be leveraged by individual brands to provide a much more relevant customer experience. This personalized customer experience will drive significant increases in engagement, conversion, and revenue.

YouneeqAI can automatically build this across customer sites, and ultimately across other regional markets around the globe, and allow individual brand sites the ability to use these rich anonymous profiles (that cover 97% of website visitors) to optimize individual customer experiences.

Build or Partner - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

Let’s get this demo started

Drop us a line and we’d love to organize a time to meet and demo our cookieless AI solution.