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How Youneeq Improves Your SEO Efforts

In 1994, I began a career in internet marketing, and haven’t looked back since. Since then, one of my favourite areas of marketing online has been SEO. I like to think of SEO as the world’s biggest game of king of the hill. For companies that are just starting out it’s a daunting, uphill battle to make it to the top, and those that are up there have literally millions of others trying to knock them off.

As an emerging website, until you’re active in a search engine’s indexes, much of your SEO planning will be based on best practices, best guesses and looking at what your competitors are doing. For some established websites much of their content is being wasted, as no one is seeing it because of poor SEO practices. Once your SEO efforts begin to reach consumers, how, as a content creator, do you reach those consumers who are interested?

Below are the three critical factors when considering your SEO strategy.

  1. Content is King
  2. Internal and External linking are both Queen
  3. Coding & HTML best practices are the Princes and Princesses

Personalized results are becoming standard fair with some search engines, but to date, the majority of the results are generated based on tombstone (location, demographic etc…) data. These engines are analyzing mostly internal data and then generating the results. This internalized approach can create silos where unique users may be wrongly categorized, resulting in a low level of content personalization.

Youneeq was created to address issues involving content personalization and user engagement. Youneeq’s dashboard gives SEO professionals the ability to view how site user’s transit through a site and how personalized content is delivered to individual users based upon their individual user profiles. Youneeq’s data gives SEO practitioners the ability to anticipate the content needs of their site visitors, giving them an advantage over their competitors and their search engine positioning.

Your website’s conversion optimization numbers should increase as well. For e-commerce providers this means an increase in your click through to sales ratio. For paid search (PPC) professionals Youneeq’s data will allow them to target ad-copy down to the individual level and improve their PPC ROI.

Currently there are very few tools available that offer this level of insight into individual user behavior in real-time, and the ones that do come with a hefty price tag, whereas Youneeq operates on a pay for performance basis.

Once editors and site owners have more understanding of an individual’s likes, dislikes, and preferences, they can start tailoring content to the individual. From the first point of contact on site, Youneeq begins building an interest profile for each visitor, ensuring that the right stories get to the right people at the right time. These profiles help ensure that your valuable content isn’t being wasted on dis-interested individuals.

Youneeq further differentiates itself from other software tools with this granular look into an individual’s behaviors which also impacts keyword research and analysis, especially at the local and personalized level.

The above insight is meant to highlight the impact Youneeq has on a site’s content long-tail. Instead of being lost and unused in the long-tail, content is now pulled out and made relevant again. Relevancy and popularity will improve your search engine rankings and keep you ahead of your competition.

While Youneeq will have an impact on your SEO endeavors it’s vitally important that you remember SEO is not a silver bullet. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.

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How Youneeq Improves Your SEO Efforts

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